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Inspiring and connecting people and companies

The impact of art. We see it every day. Inspired employees, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and managers. Happy with the pleasant working ambiance and its influence on employees. Art works. Especially in a working environment.With an accessible renting formula, we make the biggest and most contemporary art collection in the country achievable for every company.

Innovative art collection

Our big and interchanging art collection consists of more than 40.000 contemporary artworks. Every year, new paintings, sculptures, and photographic works of both well-known and up-and-coming artists are added to the collection. Our partners are therefore ensured of a contemporary collection and a wide-ranged choice. 

Populair artists
Donald van Schilt - Malibu SS

Malibu SS

Donald van Schilt
Donald van Schilt - Hothothotrod


Donald van Schilt
Donald van Schilt - Renaissance Girl 1

Renaissance Girl 1

Donald van Schilt
Donald van Schilt - Renaissance Girl 2

Renaissance Girl 2

Donald van Schilt