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New customers are often positively surprised by the accessibility of our full-service rental plan. Costs are 1.25 per cent of your art collection's total value per month, including all service and a yearly change. Indicatively you can count on 10 Euros per artwork per month. 

Your art consultant will adjust your collection on your preferences and budget. Do you wish to get an overview of the costs of an art collection in your office in 5 minutes? Use our Collection CalculatorĀ®.

We were surprised by the low rental costs of our art collection. Looking at the new ambiance of our office and all the positive reactions, we can say it is more than worth it. 

All service included

Accompaniment by an experienced art consultant, transportation, furnishing, suspension systems, pedestals, insurance, and a yearly change. All service is included. There are no extra fees. 

Unique unit system for budget management

Every artwork counts as one or more units, based on its value. Most graphic works (silk-screen prints, lithographs, etchings) count as one unit. More expensive original works (unique paintings) often count as 2 to 4 units. This unit system enables you to stay within budget, even per department. The rental price per unit is based on the number of units you rent and the period of your agreement. 

Free trial placement

Benefit from our unique offer: your art collection on trial. Completely non-committal and free of charge. Experiencing the positive influence of art was never easier accessible.
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