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Supervision of the collection has had over 30 years of experience in supervising big art collections. Our own collection of about 40.000 pieces of art is currently circulating among almost 1.600 clients. More and more clients are asking to supervise self-composed company art collections.

Automation has vigorously invested in tailor-made software for collection supervision, based on Microsoft Dynamics, over the past 10 years. With this software, artworks are supervised and allocated with PDA scanners. For a privately owned company collection, a separate space is developed in Microsoft Dynamics, starkly simplifying supervision and enabling clear management reports to be made.

Inventory, categorization and allocation

Collection supervision usually starts with inventory, categorization, and allocation. The most important features, image(s), and location of each artwork is registered, if desired in Microsoft Dynamics. Photographs simplify tracking down artworks and are necessary for insurers in case of loss or theft. All desired information is registered, for instance how many artworks are put up in a certain space, the state of the artworks, and maintenance regulations with accompanying budgets.

Logistic tasks en extra services

After the most important information of your artworks has been registered, can manage supervision and maintenance of your collection. Logistic tasks, such as moving art between multiple offices, fit seamlessly into's daily activities. Since all movements are registered with scanners, you always have an up-to-date overview of your collection. Extra services such as maintenance, framing, storage, trans-shipment, and finding out information about the artists are possible. has all the necessary means and experience, so that you won't have to think about this.

Expanding your collection

Of course, can also accompany you in expanding or 'refreshing' your own art collection, both by mediating purchases as renting out pieces of art from our collection. can perfectly expand your existing collection with the picture we have of your art and your office spaces. Hereby, we are able to maintain unity in your offices.

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