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The convenience of renting art

Renting art with means you can choose from over 40.000 paintings, (photo)graphic artworks, and sculptures by a big range of artists. Every year, thousands of new artworks are added to the collection. 

Our full service rental plan is completely focused on making it as convenient as possible for you. All service is included, such as advice and accompaniment by an experienced art consultant, transportation, professional suspension and placement, suspension systems, and insurance. A yearly change of art is also included, keeping your art collection contemporary and inspiring. 

Convenience and service
You as facility manager, together with your director and employees, only have to choose what suits you and your organization best. Which art fits best where, and what image you want to create. Obviously, we can help you with this. Our consultants have years of experience; convenience, professionalism, and service come first.

Of course, you do not need to make any immediate decisions and will not be stuck on anything. It is possible to apply for a trial placement of a period of time to be agreed upon. This way, you and your colleagues can non-committally encounter what it is like to have art in a working environment.