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Renting art

Most customers choose the convenience, the flexibility, and the limited costs of our full-service plan. All service is included, among which accompaniment by an experienced art consultant, transportation, furnishing, suspension systems, and insurance. In addition, a yearly change is included, keeping your art collection contemporary and inspiring.

Biggest and most contemporary art collection

Renting art with means that you can choose from over 40.000 paintings, (photo)graphic works, and sculptures of more than a thousand artists. Every year, new artworks are added to our collection. All works are selected for a businesslike environment. Artworks that no longer suffice to meet our standards are removed from our collection. That is why always offers you an innovative, contemporary, and high quality art collection.

Renting art from the market leader

For 30 years, has been specialized in art for companies and organizations, making us the market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Our art consultants are competent, professional, and customer-directed. It is for a reason that almost 1.600 clients, ranging from SMEs with a few artworks to organizations with many offices and hundreds of artworks, rent art with 

We see as a committed and flexible partner. During our big changes, they show that logistic planning and organizing expositions for our employees are their forte. Furthermore, selects art that suits are company when it comes to sustainability, our core values, and our desired appeal. All in all, a very pleasant partnership! 

Free trial placement

Benefit from our unique offer: your art collection on trial. Completely non-committal and free of charge. Experiencing the positive influence of art was never easier accessible.
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