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Directly buying art

Every artwork on is for sale, in accordance with the online price as mentioned next to the work of art.

Appealing prices

Online prices on are often lower than those of comparable works of traditional galleries and art libraries. This price disparity is possible since buys its art directly and large-scale from artists. Moreover, online sales are being stimulated to make sure there is enough flow in our collection. Sometimes, the price is extra appealing, because the work has been rented previously. 

Immediate payment versus paying interest-free in terms

Apart from immediate payment, you can choose to pay a 10 per cent down payment and pay the rest in 30 monthly terms, free of interest, of 3 per cent the artwork's value. In other words, you won't pay rent and you won't pay interest. After receiving the final monthly term, the artwork is yours. 

Calculation example

You buy an artwork of: € 1.000
You pay only a 10 per cent down payment: € 100
You pay the rest in 30 terms of: € 30

Frequently asked questions about buying art


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